Žymos: automobilių čiužinys, elektrinis masažo kėdės, namų biuro reikmenys mielas, aptonia masažo rinkinys, biuro darbo kėdė, ergonominių, matress automobilių, vyresnysis masažo čiužinys, galvos masažas kėdės, kėdė lytis, amerikos baldai, baro kėdės.

€35.73 €44.66
  • Yra sandėlyje
  • w1044

  • Prašymas: Įstaiga
  • Elemento Tipas: Masažas & Poilsiui
  • Prekės Pavadinimas: HANRIVER
  • Medžiaga: Kompozicinės Medžiagos
  • HANRIVER: 1-3

[xlmodel]-[foto]-[0000] Nuotraukos Sąrašą

The goods went very long, but everything is fine. I liked it, it works well, it massages my back. You can put on the sofa, you can in the car on the seat. Who has problems with his back-I recommend. Instruction in Chinese, but on the remote all understood but.
Product well received but a little long ordered on 19/11/2020 received on 12/01/2021 so the COVID must be HS lol. Product packaged a little light but received in good condition, on the other hand for a gifts a little medium because no packaging just a plastic pouch no manual! But very simple to use at the same time :) The on-chair is asser pretty (black) corresponds in size to my Gamer office chair. The vibrations are correct, not too strong but enough in adjustment of 50 to 59 in power, some options on the vibration of places. Good :)

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